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Lil' Bobby D &
The Unbearable Season

A little festive tale.

Lil' Bobby D

A poem I wrote about when you feel you don't quite match up to those around you.


A friend tasked me with making a trailer for a film that involved a pineapple.
(I own the rights to the pineapple, but not the song.)

Pomme De Terror

The apple of her eye or a tattie old rag to be thrown away. Based on a real conversation. Shot in 6 hours on 16mm film.

Producer: Irenej Vid Bosnjak

Director: Neill Prentice

Writer: Neill Prentice

Cinematographer: Davor Marenjak

Editor: Dan Johnson


One man. One light. One winner.

Password: pat-test

Producer: Suzy Dupin 

Director: Neill Prentice

Writer: Dale Clarke

Cinematographer: Árpád Horváth

Editor: Catrin Hughes

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